Comments from guests of Cloud Nine

"I have found the Cloud 9 to be a superb place to stay and I have and will recommend it to friends and colleagues. The rooms are comfortable and attractive, as is the entire house. The internet is available and the several working spaces are quite adequate. It is only several blocks from the courthouse. Elaine is a delightful and thoughtful host, enjoyable to talk with, and her breakfast selections are innovative and delicious. It has always been a pleasure to stay at the Cloud 9."

Timothy L. Bertschy
Heyl, Royster, Voelker & Allen
124 SW Adams Street, Suite 600
Peoria, IL 61602

"The Cloud is a wonderful B&B, the house, the food, and the hostess all are 'four star'."

Terry Sharp- attorney
Mt. Vernon Il

A letter to the Chamber of Commerce:
Dear Executive Director Delilah Gray,
In my travels, I have had the opportunity to stay in many different types of motels, hotels, and bed & breakfast inns both here in the United States and abroad. This last week, at the recommendation by one of your middle school teachers, my team and I stayed at Cloud Nine B&B on Twelfth St, Lawrenceville, IL. I very glad that we did! I was so impressed by everything that I am writing this to you which is something that I have not done anywhere before.

I can say without reservation, it was one of the most pleasant overall experiences that I have had! The hostess, Ms. Elaine Levine, was most helpful and accommodating to our very early morning business departures. The breakfasts were wonderfully prepared and most delicious. The rooms were very well decorated, clean and so pleasantly quiet. She even made sure that the important FedEx pickups were properly made which was a great relief to us.

Cloud Nine B&B is a wonderful asset to your community. I think that you all should be very pleased to have such a fine establishment representing Lawrenceville. As a result of our wonderful experience there, we are returning this week. I have also planned a quiet retreat for my wife and me at Cloud Nine.

Bob Combs
National Assessment of Educational Progress Supervisor

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