Gift from his wife ~ 14 years new Rolex deepsea 116600

Remember that my friend might know two of my previous assignments, a Glashütte 66, a swiss replica watches 116680. But also because of the replica watches like this waste of money things, half a year or so to buy the two watchs, and his wife was caused by the relationship was very nervous, especially the second purchase is completely no home and LD greeting, resulting in his wife angrily Issued an ultimatum, sold within 3 days, and recovered all my bank cards, and unilaterally stop the repayment of the mortgage, which I was completely did not expect. (Because the two watchs are actually in the sum of the two basically accounted for 50% of annual income, may be a lot of friends feel a lot of income, but in Beijing this high income, high prices, high prices of the city, This income is not enough to mention, in Beijing to buy a house, casually a square 34,000 is normal, so every month bank loans will be more than 10,000 points). And finally out of the economy and the peak pressure can only be the price of 90,000 hands did not wear long yacht, then the mood ... only to tears in the heart, selling watch unnecessary, enemy into me back, crooked way knees back! Rely on this 90,000, Xiao Ye I quietly half a year of mortgage, the monthly living expenses as a surplus. This relationship between the six months and his wife, because this thing always kept a breath of breath. LD may also be in order to ease the unpleasant brought about by that, in early May LD due to public travel in USA, in New York Manhattan Island when the deliberately went to the Museum of Modern Art next to the wempe boutique watch shop (which is a headquartered in Germany Of the watch company, Acting three brands JLC, GO, ROLEX). And specially consulted before the DG Glashütte and the big yacht buddies (I especially this new figure, LD also know my favorite so the final selection of the new sea), he finally recommended this, but because he has just listed him There is no goods, so bought this in the NY only. It is also clever, this is also just listed in the United States did not take long, put this shop counter the next day, may also just listed the relationship, to buy people are not many. Ps: in the United States shopping card and cash price is not the same, with the cash will be cheaper to buy some. LD finished the 5-day business trip, with the gift back home, when I get this gift when some surprises, tell the truth also some shy. I used to understand the original intention, went to today's position with so many years, bit by bit hard to come. Just go home from work, it is estimated that his wife to the plane now hungry, simply asked, his wife hungry hungry ah? Do you want me to eat the following ah ................................... From then on they had a happy and happy life! The The